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Medical Research

A paper presented at the ASSOHNS ENT Conference in Perth in 2003.
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A general article discussing all options, relative costs of each based on three years use
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Services at  Waiake Medical Centre:  {Alphabetical}

Accidents of all kinds
Asthma management and education, including the development of an "Action Plan" so you know what to do and when!
Blood Pressure cuff loan for those with "White Coat Syndrome".
Dermoscopy for diagnosis of Basal Cell tumours and Melanoma, and other skin lesions
Diabetic management
Diving Medicals
Driving Medical testing for commercial drivers and older folks
Ear Suction (Aural Toilet) for all ear canal conditions, not usually provided in Family Medical practices
ECG recordings and computerised interpretation
Family Medicine...All aspects
Fine Needle Aspiration for cytological analysis
Geriatric Care including Rest Home visits
Gynaecology Services including Smears, pelvic checks, IUCD placements, Pipelle test
House calls still feature of this friendly medical clinic.
Immigration Medical tests at affordable prices
Immunisation of children, travellers, adults
Insurance Medical reports
Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Devices (IUCD) including Mirena
Immigration Medicals
Impotence management
Laboratory services with fast results electronically
Minor Surgery of most kinds, including advancement and rotation flaps, and the totally new "Halo" grafting technique
Mole removal scar-free with radiofrequency, even on the face
Pipelle endometrial tissue sampling for postmenopausal bleeding
Plastic Surgical removal of scars using a new radiofrequency cutting tool, including on the face.
Referral to the full range of Specialists nearby
Rest Home visits and care of the Elderly
Sigmoidoscopy, piles injection.
Subsidies for various procedures might be available for patients of the W.M.C. (Care-Plus, Primary Options, Chest              Xrays ...conditions and qualifying conditions apply...your doctor will advise you)
Major Surgery: Your GP can assist a surgeon performing Major Surgery, for your reassurance (conditions apply)
Snoring surgery, including "SnoreOp", developed right here at WMC, and other radiofrequency applications
Terminal cares for the dying, working with Hospice and other home assistant facilities.
Travel Medicine expertise and advice.
Vaccinations for all ages, and for overseas travellers.
Wartabater:  This is a new and painless way to remove warts not available elsewhere (especially in children)
Well man and well woman  health checks
Wound dressing with our excellent and experienced nurses.
Xrays taken locally are now sent straight to our computer screens for viewing within an hour!

Fully computerised medical notes and prescriptions
Overseas clients usually combine their medical trip to New Zealand with a tourist opportunity...
in this beautiful country described by Agatha Christie:  "I think New Zealand is the most beautiful country I have ever seen!".

Mark Twain commented in 1899: "They stopped here on their way home to heaven, thinking they had arrived".

New Zealand offers unique opportunities to Bungy Jump in the land where it was invented, Jet Boat in the land where these were invented, climb high peaks in the land that Sir Edmund Hillary called home, to fly in modern aircraft in the country where the first manned, powered flight on a monoplane occured, and perhaps to study in the land of Sir Ernest Rutherford's birth, the man who split the atom.  "Lord of the Rings", "The World's Fastest Indian", "Whale Rider"  were some of the famous films made here.
Perhaps hunting, fishing, diving, hiking, gliding, caving, or photography interest you...We have it all in New Zealand:  www.tourism.net.nz

Not Only Snoring...

We also cover a wide range of medical and minor surgical needs

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