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Medical Research

A paper presented at the ASSOHNS ENT Conference in Perth in 2003.
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Magazine article

A general article discussing all options, relative costs of each based on three years use
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Partner Snoring

Do you have a partner who snores?

Drives you crazy!  And if he is a bloke, it is so hard to mention it, because guys are so afraid of pain, ridicule, the snoring operation not working etc.  Many people know how hard that is.


  • Leave this website open for him or her to happen to notice!

  • Leave the website open on "testimonials"

  • Get his mate or her friend to bring the subject up!

  • Give him a nice sandwich!  In other words...if you have something that someone does not want to hear:

  1. tell them something they really want to hear (top slice of bread)
  2. then broach the subject of snoring and that you have found something that will probably work and does not hurt (the filling...might not taste so good)
  3. then finish with another thing he would want to hear (the bottom slice of bread)
  1. "Hey darling...would you like to go fishing tomorrow...the weather looks great!"
  2. "Would you have a moment to look at something I found on the web?"
  3. "I was thinking of farming out the kids tonight and getting out a nice video...Interested???"

Guys mostly want to know that:

  • This snore surgery does not hurt, or at the most, not much
  • The recovery is quick
  • You don't begrudge him spending money to sort the problem
  • You will come with him if he wants (many sit through the explanation and brief snoring operation with their spouses)
  • SnoreOp is most easily compared with having a small filling at the dentist...In fact many of our clients say it is MUCH better than a visit to the dentist!  Guys and dentists are mortal enemies!
  • He can easily drive home afterwards
  • He will get a little worse before he gets better, and you are really happy for that.

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