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A paper presented at the ASSOHNS ENT Conference in Perth in 2003.
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A general article discussing all options, relative costs of each based on three years use
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History of Snore-op

History of "Snore-Op"

About 1997, a new technology for snoring was introduced to New Zealand by the ENT Specialist, Mr Jim Bartley. He had trialled the process of Radio-frequency Tissue Volume Reduction (RFTVR) with the "Somnoplasty" method, and wrote an article in the "New Zealand Doctor" magazine. Mr Bartley predicted that RFTVR would become the preferred treatment for snoring disturbance.

When I rang Mr Bartley about this snoring "office procedure", he most kindly offered to come and show us how to do it. The early results were dramatic for most snorers, and we used the "Somnus" version for about a year until Ellman Surgitron produced a much cheaper version. We have more recently trialled the newest versionof radiofrequency snore surgery, "Coblation", out of Sweden. We have done our research and development with the Ellman product, and have modified the technique considerably resulting in less pain and inflammation, more effective treatments, and less client discomfort doing the procedure. Since we presented our paper (found elsewhere on the web site) and presented it to the ASSOHNS ENT Conference in Perth in March 2002, Ellman have been recommending our method of treatment. We have made quite a few changes since then, and are now teaching our version, trade-marked "Snore-Op" throughout New Zealand, and Fiji. We have run courses in the snoring R.F. techniques, which ENT Specialists and an Oral Surgeon have attended. Dr Andrew Murley and I have done over 3,000 procedures as at 2010

My personal interest in stopping snoring peaked...
My personal interest in stopping snoring peaked some years ago whilst tramping. I emptied a tramping hut of 8 German hikers one night! They were a jovial bunch the evening, speaking English, and laughing a lot. In the morning, I found the sleeping quarters were empty, and at breakfast, they were all speaking German, and staring at me! They had lost their joviality completely!
My snoring reduced...
My snoring reduced from a maximum Snore Score of ten out of ten to zero-to-one out of ten Read how to score this. My Epworth Sleepiness Score went from a tired 17 to three! This has meant that I could stop my CPAP machine and throw away my mouthguard. I have no fond memories of either! My treatment response has proven to be what most experience, and our research continues into the significance of our results.

Neil Hutchison

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