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A medically proven Snoring Solution by trained and experienced doctors...

"Snore-Op" TM

  Watch how easy and painless a typical Snore-Op procedure is for your snoring...

  Snore-Op is minor surgery that requires topical and local

    anaesthesia, and usually reduces or stops snoring. .

  The procedure itself is painless, with injection pain being similar to a dentist.

  Snoring initially worsens, but usually improves within 2-3 weeks.

  You can visit a Snore-Op trained doctor in several major New Zealand regions.

For problematic snoring, read on...

What would you think if there was a simple solution for your snoring? Snoring surgery is available in several locations

What if the snore cure was near-painless?  Read the testimonials to see what folks are saying...

 IPhone or IPad Apps to measure your snoring:  We recommend

the IPhone App:"Snore Monitor Sleep Lab" at $2.59,

or "Snore Clock" on Android Phones.

All-night recordings can be compared, and even emailed through to your doctor!

snore video
Watch this real snoring patient encounter with Rachel !
(not her real name)

High success rates backed up by medical research

Around 80% of our patients see a reduction with one treatment, and a further 10% respond to a second treatment. Find out why Snore-op is such a successful cure for snoring

Quick and unobtrusive

Snore-Op is a minor surgery that is done in the doctor's office and the entire process only takes 45 minutes . Watch the video to see how easy it is! You can also read more about the Snore-op procedure


The initial snoring treatment costs $795 and includes the GST, discussion, check for suitability, the minor surgery, and non-operative followups. Depending on results, a second or third procedure costs $380                                                                                                                                                                                         More about the procedures costs
A few medical insurers cover this procedure, but the majority do not, as they do not consider snoring to be an "illness". 

It only takes a brief consultation to find out if Snore-Op can help your snoring...

Consultations for snoring take 45 minutes. Give us a call to arrange a time to talk about your snoring, or send us a question on our easy online form.
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"I had this treatment in Ponsonby a few years ago by a doctor who was untrained, and who charged a lot more.  It was very painful, and I got a large ulcer on my palate. The way it was done was painful, and had no effect.

I plucked up courage to get an expert to do this properly, and saw Dr Hutchison today.  Here with him, it was painless, and a far more relaxed environment, and overall, a much better experience.  He even gave me a discount because of my horrible experience with the untrained doctor!"

Ms T. W., aged in her 30's, of Auckland, 26 March 2013


"My wife is thrilled .... My snoring score is now 3/10 ...We are both very grateful and happy!"
Greg of Northland, 16 May 2014





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